Due to problems with the previous API it's been replaced with VirusCheckMate.
Feel free to read more about them at

Posted: 11th June - 2017

New site

NoDistribute now has a new design along with some improved features.

Posted: 24th November - 2015


As some of you may have notiecd there has lately been some disturbances and problems with the scanner. They are however now solved and should not occur again.

Posted: 5th February - 2015


You can now securly visit NoDistribute by using a secure connection. Simply head to to upload your files using an encrypted connection.

Posted: 8th August - 2014

Image Results

The highly anticipated image results have now finally been implemented. You can generate your own image result based on your scan results by pressing the "Share Result" button which is found on the scan page.

Posted: 8th February - 2014

MD5 Hashes

The MD5 hash of your file is now looked up in your browser before the file is uploaded. This means that things will be speeded up significantly if the file has been scanned before. If your browser/device can not calculate the MD5 hash in your browser you can always switch back to the previous form by clicking the button on the first page.

Posted: 23th January - 2014

Drag & Drop Improved

A drag & drop feature together with a progress bar has now been added to the upload page. The updates have been applied to the main page and are available to use.

Posted: 14th January - 2014

Virus Updates

You can now check out when the antiviruses were last updated and which version they are currently running. Check the dates on the Antivirus Update page.

Posted: 30th November - 2013

BETA is over

After running in BETA for a couple of weeks is finally out of BETA, don't worry you will receive 5 free scans per day. Big thanks to all amazing users that reported bugs and helped out!

Posted: 3th September - 2013