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Scan a file

Select your file in order to scan your file with over 35 anti-viruses.
The results of the scans are never distributed.

Feel free to create and use temporary mail addresses for free.

Scan a URL

Enter the URL/address of a website and scan it with our anti-viruses.
The results of the scans will not be distributed.

Scan watch

This is a useful feature if you would like to have your file scanned regularly.
Here is how you use Scan Watch:

1) Upload your file by performing a normal file scan.
2) Copy the address of a NoDistribute result page (e.g.
3) Paste the address here and submit.

We will scan your file once per hour unless the file receives 10 detections or over 200 scans.
Similar to the other features, the results of your scan will not be distributed.